Hobbs and Shaw

Hi folks,

Iain here for JM2 Movie Reviews. As usual, I am writing live now as I sit at the Odeon Luxe. I must say, it’s the best way to watch movies and I am treating myself with the upgraded ‘Isense’ experience. I have been a fan of the Fast and Furious franchise since I was a boy, but the rule of thumb is as ever film comes out they become less believable. This is the ninth film and first spinoff involving government agent (The Rock) and British Spy (Statham). So, strap in, here we go…

What an awful, awful movie. I love to write reviews; it’s amazing to share your opinion with the world. This is not a review, this is a warning to save your money and the torture of 135 minutes.

I didn’t walk into the film expecting the action scenes to be believable – which they weren’t. But, the dialogue between Hobbs and Shaw felt forced and they rammed the friendemies theme down our throat. Yes, we get it, they don’t like each other – let’s move on please!

It’s as if the film doesn’t know what it wants to be. It’s a bundled mess of action, sci-fi and comedy. You will be surprised by some of the cameos, but underwhelmed by how they are used. I am fan of The Rock, but It’s as if he has put a film together just to make himself look good.

In my opinion, the Fast franchise has to go back to its roots. The street racing action that we all loved. Albeit it, Hobbs and Shaw is making money and is a product of an industry right now where’s there’s too much CGI and less character development.

Should I go and see it?

Wait for it to come out on DVD and then throw it in the bin.

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