Blinded by the Light

I am bit late reviewing this one as I have been on holiday but this is a movie that I had high hopes for. It tells the story of a young British-Asian teenager who lives in a strict family environment and is looking for a way to break free from the shackles he lives under. 

A chance collision at school with a fellow pupil, leads him into the world of Bruce Springsteen music which changes his outlook for life and gives him the inspiration he was looking for to follow his dream of becoming a professional writer. How this changes his relationships with his friends and family are the core of the movie. 

I like a lot of Springsteen songs, but I can’t claim to be a devotee like my good friend Graham who has travelled all over the world to watch him perform countless times. “The Boss” seems to have this impact on his real fans so I totally bought how this young man embraced his music and could apply the meaning of his songs to his own life.

The music is fantastic. I really loved the musical set pieces and how they illustrated different moments of his journey. That was the highlight for me and would be the sections that would make me go back and watch it again.

I enjoyed all the performances, thought the story was engaging and really liked how the movie reached its conclusion. I especially got a kick out of seeing the real-life pictures of some of the characters at the end of the film as this is based on a true story.

I did have a few minor quibbles with the film though. There is an argument between our main protagonist, Javed played by Viveik Kalra, and his best friend that occurs in the movie that I thought was a little forced. If you were to fall out with your friend so badly for such a minor thing, we would all be looking for new mates continually! This story arc did not work me at all but it’s a minor grumble.

The movie is not that original (musical set pieces aside) and it was a fairly predictable conclusion but I am being extremely harsh by criticising it on that basis.  

Some of my favourite movies in recent years have been based around music and this is another one to add to that list. It’s not as good as Sing Street or Wild Rose but I would say it’s just behind or maybe on par with Rocketman for one of the best of this genre in recent years.  

So should I go see it???

I would 100% recommend this movie. 

I think Springsteen fans will enjoy it even more than me given the respect and reverence that is paid to him and his music throughout. 

I thought it was enjoyable, charming and full of fun with the excellent musical moments lifting it up. 

Go and give it a go!

Score: 4 / 5

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